Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Monster will take my eyes out

This is Ryan. I don't post very often, but thought that I'd hijack the blog today to post about my fun night with my girls while Liz was at a friends house making stuff (I don't remember what exactly) for a baby shower.

Sarah asked me to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for dinner (that's good, because there's not much in my food preparation repertoire, admittedly), and she ate the whole thing in 2 minutes flat. That's pretty impressive for Sarah. I guess she really does like PB&J. I got some baby food for Abby and meant to warm it up for 5 seconds, got distracted, and left it in for 30. Needless to say, the little 3-4 ounce container of green looking gooey was scorching hot and Dad had to put it in the freezer for 5 minutes.

I put Abby to bed (or more accurately in her swing) with a bottle and I told Sarah that we could stay up later and do whatever she wanted. Unfortunately, what she wanted was to watch Wonderpets on Netflix (Oh goodie - sarcastically stated). But I don't remember the last time that I was able to just sit and watch something with Sarah, so it was enjoyable despite the creepy talking guinea pig. The plot was for the wonderpets to save a Cow that was stuck in a tree ... slightly bizarre, I must say. Really, a cow?

After I tuck Sarah in, she called for me to come back in and said, "I can't see daddy."

"Why can't you see?" I said.

"The monster."


"The monster is going to come and take my eyes out," she said in more of a matter-of-fact way, than actually scared that there was a monster.

Crazy imagination. But I'm going to go back to reading an article on antigen processing machinery in head and neck cancer cells (read blah blah blah blah cancer cells blah blah boring bleck). To be honest, I think it's pretty interesting. That's only because it gets distorted as it goes through the nerd filter.


Ash said...

That's awesome! Not that you have to rack your brain studying or that a monster was coming to poke Sarahs eye out. But, that you posted to Liz's blog! I like when Dads put their stories of the kids up on the blog. Gives a different perspective and that Liz gave Liz a night off. She's a great mom and she deserves those treats sometimes. Good Job Ryan! You get brownie points today.

Deb said...

GASP! A boy blogging about his kids and not art/music/sports?! I don't know's just not natural...

Just kidding. Way to be super-dad and super-husband and let Liz have a night off!

Jenny said...

That's great that you get some daddy daughter time. Your girls are adoreable and I'm sure your wife enjoyed the night out. I think she is a fabulous mommy. She makes me want to be a better mommy.