Thursday, June 23, 2011

Utah Visit: Stephenson Hangout

With the record amounts of rain that Utah received in May, many of our plans with the Stephenson's fell through (including the rocket launch in the park, which we were really bummed about). 

But luckily we still were able to get together and hang out. 
One day we even had enough sunshine to take the kiddos over to the park (Jord & Em have a cute little park right across the street, so perfect!)

I thought this was so cute, G'ma Lisa & Aunt Rachee taking all the kiddos over.

Here are a few cute pics from playing at the park.

Adorable Hallie.

Sarah & Hallie being tickled down the slide by G'ma.

I don't think anyone can look at this guy and not smile (or melt into a puddle).
What a little stud muffin lil' Carter is!

Abby had a fun time giving us all heart attacks as she climbed and followed the bigger kids everywhere.

Got to love the tickle induced half-smiles. ;)

Mostly we did what I love best. Hanging out and enjoying each others company. 
Or being spoiled and having Em cook for the whole family (you amaze me, Em!).

Of course if the parental conversations got too boring, the little ones were always content to be entertained by G'ma's iPad.

Good times, good times. 
We enjoyed all of our Stephenson time, and wish that we could fly over and have some more.
Love you guys!