Thursday, June 23, 2011

Utah Visit: Rachee's Field Day

In Davis County's efforts to fight childhood obesity they held their first ever field day.
Supposedly a head coach from the district had been around all of the schools instructing the PE teachers and classes how to do various athletic activities. 
Then he hosted an event where each school sent four kids (two girls and two boys) out of their class. Four kids from the 4th graders and four from the 5th grade class, which is where my Sister in Law was selected. It was no surprise that she was nominated, she is very talented athletically. 

The only pitfall in this activity is that the information wasn't relayed properly, that and this head coach never visited sweet little South Clearfield. *sigh*

Some schools had matching t-shirts, were bussed to the event and had obviously been working on these events. But for Rach's school they had to get checked out by their parents, and get their own ride over to the event.

So it wasn't a big surprise that only two (out of the eight) kids showed up from Rachee's school. As a result they were disqualified from winning any awards because they didn't have a full group. 
Which was lame, but they still did a stellar job competing.

So awards, schmawards. Who needs 'em, right?

We still had fun cheering on our star athlete!

She choose to where her Steelers shirt because we were there. How cute! 

Some of the events they had to do was a 200 meter dash (half way around the track),

they had to throw a football at a target (they got three tries, Rach only need one. Nailed IT!)

dribble a basketball through cones...

some other things were sit-ups, jump roping, sit n' reach, and randomly cup stacking. 

It was really fun to sit and watch all of the kids compete and we think that Rach did awesome!
Thanks for letting us tag along.