Monday, June 13, 2011

Pilot in Training

Before we headed out to Utah my friend and I went to the Children's museum. We hadn't been there in a really long time, so it was nice for the girls, especially Abby. This was the first time Abby really got to have some fun there.

Here is Sarah hanging out in the Mr. Roger's tree. 
I love the little boy peeking his head around at Sarah. It makes me giggle. 

The new display was all about aviation.
Sarah thought it was so cool.
 She loved getting dressed up like a pilot...
 and pretending to fly the airplane. 

Abby really loved the wind tunnel that they had...

well, not the first time through... 
 She hopped in and then ran right back out. 
But after a little convincing she went back in and had a blast.
They had all of these scarfs in there and she loved to throw them up into the air and watch it spin around the tunnel. It was pretty cute to watch. 

It was a fun little visit before a long, long.....long car ride. 
Thanks Jess!