Monday, June 13, 2011

Utah Visit: Nauvoo Pitt Stop

Ryan took his big test on the 7th of May, and we were ready to hit the road. I took my last turn teaching preschool on the 10th and then we decided to hit the road a few days early and head out on Wednesday the 11th. 

We are so lucky to have two little ones who travel so well in the car. The trip out to Utah went great. We did made it in three days. The first night we stopped just outside of Nauvoo and decided to make a pitt stop there and show Ryan some of the sights the girls and I saw back in April. 

We first stopped to check out Carthage Jail. The girls were so full of wiggles from our long car ride that they didn't do to great on the short little tour, but what can you do. 

This little one is getting harder and harder to snap a picture of... 
especially when she gets to run around outside. 

Here's the jail with a statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

A little family shot one of the Senior missionaries offered to snap.

Next we headed into Nauvoo.
I knew that I wanted to take Ryan on the carriage ride so we headed over for tickets right away. While we were waiting we checked out the games that the pioneers played. 
Here is Ryan catching hoops (a bit to hard for Sarah to do)

Sarah loved playing in this little house. She broke down into tears when we had to drag her away.

The carriage ride was wonderful. We got to learn about various people that lived in Nauvoo and learn more of the history of the pioneers. 

We of course had to drive up to the temple grounds and snap a picture of Daddy in front of the temple.

We then hit the road to continue on west to Utah. 

Most people thought we were crazy when the learned that we were driving to Utah instead of flying... and maybe we are, but we enjoy road trips. AND really enjoyed having a vehicle while in Utah. 

Now... onto the blogging about our Utah trip... it may or may not be one gigantic post... 


Melissa said...

Liz, I was just going to e-mail you and find out when you were coming because I had a dream that I ran into you and your family at a Costco or something. So my dream was are in Utah! Now will I bump into you at Costco? How long are you here? We need to get together.

Aden and Jamie said...

Melissa... unfortunately I think they are already back home... Wow, I can't believe you guys drove all the way out there!!