Monday, June 13, 2011

Utah Visit: Early Arrival

We made such good time on the road (thanks to Ry's lead foot) that we made it into town late Friday night instead of Saturday. Because of this early arrival we were able to catch my niece, Eleanor's dance recital. It was very cute and I'm so glad we made it into town a day early to catch it. 

Here is Sarah giving Ella a big hug after doing such a great job.

Eleanor is such a wonderful big cousin, Sarah just adores her.

We had planned on going to a carnival that evening for the reopening of Liberty park, but a rain storm scared us off (and sheer exhaustion) so we just called it a night and headed home. 

The next day we had all of my family over for dinner.
It was cold and rainy almost the entire visit in Utah, but we were lucky enough to have sunshine so we could play outside.

Sarah and Ella-belle humoring me with more pictures. 
 Oh, and those pink tulips behind them were spectacular. You can't tell in the picture, but they were HUGE! Some were taller than Abby when she stood next to them. 

The first two weeks of May my Dad was actually in Africa on business for the church welfare department. So while all of the grandkids were here he handed out some gifts that he got them while there. 

Each of the girls got a unique little necklace.

And the boys got wood-carved animals.

I love this cute little pose Junie is doing. So stinkin' adorable!

Abby especially loved her necklace... she is such a girly girl.

We did have sunshine, but man o man, it was WINDY!

Perfect for flying kites. 
My sweet sister took all of the kids to the park behind my parents house to fly the kite while the rest of us adults played Bocce.
It has been a long time, I forgot how much I enjoy that game. 

Sarah and Abby sure did love getting to play with their cousins. 

It was a great way to be welcomed back for our short little trip to Utah. 
Yay for family!


Camille said...

What a fun trip! You take awesome pictures. How awesome that you guys got to spend so much time with family! And I have to say I totally agree about the driving vs. flying. I would rather have a car when we get somewhere than to save some time by flying. Plus, road trips are the best! Nothing like bonding over the open road. ;)

By the way...I'm glad you're back to blogging! :)

Aden and Jamie said...

Yay you're blogging again!! I am so excited to have a blog to follow again. Don't you wish you lived closer to Utah so your kids could be around their cousins more often? They looked like they really enjoyed themselves.

Deb said...

Cute pictures! I'm excited to read more blog posts about the trip. :)

Melissa said...

Your dad was in Africa?! So cool. I also LOVE bocce...glad you had sucha fun time...despite the crummy weather

Tina said...

Just have to tell you...Sam was looking at your blog with me, and kept saying, "ca-ute" and "ah! girls!". I would have to agree with her. They are adorable as ever. I like to read just to see how cuter they get with each post. And I think our girls would be fast friends :)