Thursday, June 23, 2011

Utah Visit: Gateway

My Sister in Law had an extra set of passes to the Discovery Museum and was sweet enough to invite us to go with her. The girls loved it!

Here is Sarah jamming out on the xylophone thingy.

Abby loved all of the pretend play stations.

They had a cute storytime about dinosaurs that started right after we got there so we signed up to go.
The storytime was kinda lame, but the kids loved making a dinosaur afterward.
Here is Sarah all focused.
 Abby really got into it too.
Even if she needed a little help from Daddy.

Havin' fun.

I think this horse was the highlight of the museum for Sarah. She will still (a month later) ask me if we can go back to the children's museum with the horsey.
And, although it doesn't look like it, I promise, June had fun too...  

Ryan chauffeuring June around town. 

Amazingly enough this was another one of the three days of sunshine while we were in Utah (you think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not) and so we stopped at the splash pad before we left the Gateway.

This is how Abby liked it.
eh, not so much. 
Much more fun when Daddy was holding her.

Here is June's reaction.
 Timid at first, but she loved it!
 and definitely was the most stylin' chic at the pad.

Sarah didn't like it when it got in her face, 
 but that didn't stop her from running around and having fun.

And somehow got under the impression that she could control the water.

Which I thought was pretty funny.

It was a beautiful and fun day. It was so nice to have some sunshine.
Thanks again Deb!


Deb said...

Cute pictures! It was so fun. Thanks for coming and hanging out with me. It's funny, June will NOT go in that fountain any more. She needs her big cousin Sarah to show her the way. :( Love all the blog posts, looks like you guys had a blast. We miss you! Of course June still expects to see Sarah and Abby at family dinner.

Brooke said...

The picture of Sarah getting squirted in the face is hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

Cami Bringhurst said...

Love the fountain pictures. The faces they are making are so funny