Friday, June 24, 2011

Utah Visit: Hogle Zoo

My sister has a membership to the Hogle Zoo and was able to get most of our family in for free, hooray!
Plus with our membership to the Pittsburgh Zoo we got half off the remaining tickets, practically got in for free. Awesome. 

The last Friday we were in town her kids didn't have school (make up snow day or something) and so we decided to go, despite the crazy crowds we knew would be there. 

Here are the kiddos checking out the giraffes. 

One really cool thing that was going on was that they had a traveling exhibit of dinosaurs all around the zoo, I think they called it zoo-rasic park or something. The really neat thing was that they MOVED!
I think they were the hit of the zoo because of this. Most of the real animals we saw were just sitting there... boring for the kids, but the dinosaurs moved, roared and some even sprayed water (more on that later). 

I think this picture is hilarious. It is one out of half a dozen or so. 
Couldn't for the life of us get the kids to look at the camera, or smile. 
Ella's blurry, Sarah's having drama over me not letting her climb on the rocks, Wimmy is being a dinosaur, and is Jeffery biting my arm? Awesome picture. hahaha

I don't know why, but I love this picture. Ryan is tickling Sarah with Eleanor, and Brooke is giving me a sweet smile while being tackled by William. It just makes me smile.

They had a dinosaur the kids could touch and climb on, so we tried to get a successful picture on it. 
I love William in this picture, Sarah I think is looking at Brooke's camera, and the kid getting eaten is a classic parent pose ("go stick you head in there and act like your getting eaten")

 The lil girl in the striped shirt is pointing out that I'm taking her picture to her mommy, caught you little girl! I love Sarah and Eleanor, such sweet cousins.

Abby wanted to climb on it too but there were tons of kids so Ryan took her down to the tail.

Amazingly the crowd cleared and we had it all to our self for half a minute.
So getting everyone to look at the camera... well, didn't happen (yet again).

Here is the cool dinosaur. It squirted water and the kids thought it was AWESOME!
Here is Sarah standing in the line of fire.

They even had a little baby version that would squirt you right in the face if you weren't careful. This one was a lot less intimidating for the kids. 

It was such a fun day. Thank you so much Brooke for inviting us, I need a little extra encouragement to get out of the house and I appreciate getting to spend that little bit of extra time with you!
Love you, and your sweet, sweet children!


Brooke said...

I'm glad you came too! That was a great day and a even greater memory.

Ash said...

How Fun!!! Thank you for posting these! I get a discount to the zoo with my Dino park pass and I've been wanting to take the boys to this exhibit but wondering if it's worth it. Looks awesome! Now I'm excited to go!!! I seriously can't wait till you move back and we can plan fun Friday activities to do with the kids.