Thursday, June 23, 2011

Utah Visit: International Festival

My sister, Brooke always finds the cool things to do. So I was excited when she told me about the International Festival in SLC and decided it should be something our whole family went to. 

Of course I did an awesome job taking pictures... not
Not a single one of the group. *sigh* 
Anywho, at the festival they have booths that sell food from all around. Talk about yummy!
They also have two stages that various groups preform dances and songs from their country. 
Its lots of fun. I'd recommend checking out next year.

So we meet my parents and all of my siblings for some good grub (thanks G'pa) and then hung out for a bit to chat and watch a few shows. 

We listened to some rock band (in Spanish?) that had a fun beat to dance to. 
At least that is what all of the kiddos thought.

Abby & June dancing with G'ma & G'pa... poor lil' June was so tired. 

 Sarah's awesome dance moves.

Abby pretty much just does a squat bounce for her dancing... still adorable.

It wasn't very long, but it was still fun. 
Thanks Newey Clan for an enjoyable evening out.