Thursday, June 23, 2011

Utah Visit: G'pa Newey Time

If I was on the ball I would have posted this on Father's day... Oh well, I love you Daddy!

My dad is such a great sport. I know how exhausting having two little ones around (especially after a long day filled with all of the grandkids) but he was such a trooper. After dinner he would let Ryan and I relax a little before the girls bedtime and play with them. 

Usually he played princesses (complete with southern-bell accents) and tried to keep on the same page as Sarah's crazy imagination. 
 Here Sarah is pretending to be her dinosaurs and G'pa had to be all of the princess. They were your typical Disney princesses, and Sarah made sure that they were ordered to make dinner, clean the house and put the babies to bed. 
Dad, you were so nice to humor her.

And of course each night would not be complete with out storytime from G'pa.
The girls would climb up on the G'ma & G'pa's {gianormous} bed and listen while G'pa read the same stories I was read as a child.

Such classics as "Three Little Kittens," "Popcorn," "But NO Elephants," and our family's favorite "Miss Suzy." Most, if not all of these are now out of print. But are well worth tracking down online. 

I love you Dad. I loved watching you spend time with our two crazy munchkins and wished that we lived closer so that they could smother you with hugs and kisses all year round. 
Thanks for all of the stories and pretend play.


Ash said...

Gosh I keep looking for the like button on all these cute photos. This post is my favorite tho. Grandpas are the best! Especially when their involved with their Grandkids. I've always been impressed with how much your dad loves his granddaughters. I remember when you had Abby and he'd just gotten home from a big trip and he came right in and picked her up to love her and then when he took June out in the hall during "The talented Mr. Fox" and sat with her so Deb and Pat could watch the movie. Not to many Grandpas are like that. This post was really cute Liz!

Cami Bringhurst said...

So precious. What a great grandpa!

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

Oh Ashley, little do you know....that is the only way Jeff can stay awake through an animated movie! (He is, however, an incredible grandpa!)