Friday, June 24, 2011

Let's Go Bucs!

As in Buccaneers, the Pirates. 
Yes we went to our first ever Pirates baseball game.
Isn't that view incredible. 
You don't really go to a pirates game for the baseball so much (seeing how we are a record LOSING team), but you go for the experience and to be in this beautiful stadium.
Or the free t-shirts they give out on Friday nights (the night we went) or the fireworks and concert they do after the game on Saturdays. I guess they need a lot of help getting fans out.

Anyway, it was really fun. We enjoyed ourselves and the overpriced food.

Say Cheese Sarah! 

Abby was really excited and loved cheering, doing the wave and clapping along with the songs.

Here she is cheering with mama.

We tried to get a nice night shot, but it didn't work out too well, but here's Daddy anyhow.

We've always wanted to go to a game, but it took having some friend, James & Laura coming into town to get us to go. Thanks for getting us in gear to go to the Game J&L. 
We're excited for you guys to move here so we can do more fun stuff with "yins."


hotbutteredpopcorn said...

That first photo of the field looks like a postcard shot! What a fun evening!

Ash said...

These pictures are awesome Liz! I've never cared for baseball but last year we took the boys to their first game of the Ogden Raptors. It was a lot of fun so I'm taking them again this year. The Buccaneers stadium looks amazing tho! Love all the big buildings behind it.

Aden and Jamie said...

Wow that IS an incredible view! It looks so cool with the grass cut the way it is.