Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sick and Tired

Of being Sick. and Tired. 

I know it is just "that time of year"

But I'm done. 

Can it be another time of year, so my poor girls don't have to keep getting SICK!!!

Little Abby (having the less experienced immune system) has been getting the brunt of it. 

Last Thursday must have been the peak (or at least I tell myself that to keep sane)
 Poor Abby. She got the worst of it. Couldn't keep anything down all Thursday. 

 Here is a funny little Sarah Speech Story though, that made me laugh... after the fact... you'll understand in a sec. 

Sarah found her Book of Mormon and took it over by Abby on the couch.
Here is the following dialogue that took place, all Sarah.

Lets read a story about Jesus in the Scriptures.
Okay, I'm going to show it to Abby. 
Look Abby these are the scriptures. 
We can learn about Jesus. 
Jesus doesn't want you to be sick. 
Jesus is sad when you are sick. 
Here. Lets find the pictures of Jesus. 
Uh oh, MOM! Abby is throwing up again. 

I was sitting by my computer so as soon as this conversation began, I knew it was going to be good. So I quickly started typing as she talked... little did I know it would end with me rushing over to grab the puke bucket (sorry, tmi?)
I read it to Ryan later, he thought it was hilarious. I think it was too.

While we've been stuck inside being invalids. Sarah discovered Gumby. 
It has been a long time (we've also watched Rainbow Bright and a couple of other oldies, but she fell in love with Gumby and its cheesy 80s music)

This song keeps getting stuck in my head. 

Don't hate me if it gets stuck in your head too!

"Take me away... oh Gumby!"

Wow. Classic.

Here is Sarah singing along with it. 
Don't you love her microphone?

So we're pretty much staying inside the next couple of days. 
Lets see what crazy stuff we come up with this next week during our cabin fever as we let the girls overcome the nasty coughs they picked up. 

PS - I just have to say I have an awesome Husband. He has been studying from home lately. And during Abby's naps he has been letting me go and get out of the house (sometimes with out Sarah even)
It is so nice to get some me time (and even better when I find AMAZING clearance deals)
Thank you Sweetie. I love you. 


Jennifer said...

Poor sick kids. :(
Glad you're able to get out of the house on occasion.
I hope everybody gets better very soon.

Ali or Mike said...

So sorry your girls have been so sick!! LOVE the scripture story.

Tiffany said...

We have been sick too! I hope we are better soon and can get out of here a bit!

BTW: those owl hats are so dang cute! I love them! Where on earth did you find that pattern? And did you already know how to crochet or what? I am so impressed!!

Tina said...

We are so sick of being sick too! Very cute dialogue! Hope everyone feels better soon. Better yet, hope it warms up soon so we don't have to have cabin fever!