Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Angels and Sledding

In the Driveway.

In. the. Driveway!

We are lucky enough to have a driveway (which is a rarity in Pittsburgh)

We are even MORE lucky that it has a steep slope to it. 

And to top it off, it slopes away from the road into our backyard 
(it is really weird, only in Pittsburgh would you go behind your house to get into your garage, confused, come visit us and you can see what I mean. hehe)

Anyway. Sarah got all bundled in her awesome snowsuit to come out and help me shovel snow. 

I had shoveled a little path up the driveway and then was working on the sidewalks when Sarah came running over to me asking me to come and see her snow angels she had made on the driveway.
 All the way up the driveway. 
 It was a warmer day, so the snow had a nice slushiness underneath it.
Perfect for sledding. 
So Sarah and I decided to take advantage of it. 
(These pictures don't really show off how steep our driveway is, it is a pretty steep little slope)
Sarah LOVED it!
And truth be told, Sarah only went down the hill once by herself... and a couple times I went with out her. 
We had lots of fun.

After we went down the hill a dozen times or so it was time to get back to work. 
Sarah was such a big helper and even helped me shovel. 
 It was a fun little snow day.
 I was sad too when it was time to go inside 
(but Abby doesn't nap forever...*sigh*)


Gwendolyn said...

How perfect for sledding! Looks fun!