Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photo Blog

I know there are a gazillion of these out there. But I'm taking up WAY too much space on my family blog for pictures, and I want to practice more and experiment with new things. So I'm considering starting a photo blog. 


There are a several people in my ward who are having babies... and so I'm hoping I can convince them all to let me take pictures of their little ones. 

Like this little guy. 
 With his adorable big sister.
(I haven't edited either of these yet)

What I really need help with is a name. 

Any suggestions?


nlybbs said...

Great pics!:O)

Karah said...

Makes me want to have a baby just so you can take fantastic photos of him/her! I'd look at your blog... there may be a gazillion, but there aren't a gazillion by Liz!

Ali or Mike said...

Oh my!! These are darling. No name suggestion.

Tiffany said...

Liz! Wow! Did you do these at your house?? How did you get such awesome lighting?

Those are so adorable! Do you want to come to Maryland so that you can take pics in June? :)

Momma Twitch said...

What kind of camera do you have? I just love looking at all of your pictures, they're always so great! Feel free to fly to Utah and take pictures of my kids any time you want... :)

McReynolds Family said...

Wow!!! Whoever their parents are...they make BEAUTIFUL BABIES!!! And great job little miss photographer!

Liz said...

Thanks Ladies!

@Tif - these were at Shanda's house, and it has AMAZING lighting!! I'm tempted to go there for any photo shoot.

@Cathy - I have an older camera. It is a Nikon D40x. What a compliment! I love your pictures on your blog!!! You're amazing. I just got a new lens for christmas that goes down to f1.8, so that has made a HUGE difference in my pictures, the only problem, is that because my camera is an older model, it doesn't do auto focus with my new lens. Kind of a blessing in disguise because I'm learning how to focus for myself (which is really tough with kids!).

Thanks again! You ladies are super!

Deb said...

I'm excited to see these pictures when you are finished and ready to share them. You should call your photo blog... 'The Puke Bucket' in honor of your sick winter. Just kidding, that would be weird. You should call it... 'Liz Stephenson Photography'. I don't know... I'll think harder.

Amber said...

This is totally random, but I call my kids bugs, and we say "Cute as a Bug" so, what about "Blissful Bugs Photography" ? Like I said - totally random. But, your photos are great - I say go for it.