Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

The other day we had a FHE on warm fuzzies. We watched the part of THIS talk where President Monson talked about Warm Fuzzies (if you have four minutes click on the link and watch it, even if you have seen it before, so worth it)

After we watched it we explained the things that Pres. Monson said and then talked about how we could do service in our family and get our own warm fuzzies. 

I didn't have a cute jar, or even little fuzzy pom poms to put in it. 

Just this little bottle of flowers. 
 Flowers make us happy, so we decided they could be our warm fuzzies. 

Sarah was so good to think of ways to get her own warm fuzzies

Here are some of the ways she got warm fuzzies:

Helped Abby when she was hungry by feeding her a bag of chocolate chips for breakfast. 

Picking up her toys. 

Learning to neatly put away the books on the bookshelf. 

Helping to shovel snow. 

Carrying groceries into the house. 

Setting the table (without whining!)

Played with Abby, and shared her toys.

Singing church songs in our home.

Each time she did one of these small acts of service...
She got to place a warm fuzzy into our bottle.

It was a great way for us to think about doing small acts of service for each other. We have the bottle sitting on our mantel as a constant reminder to serve each other.


nlybbs said...

It's your stalker again... love the warm fuzzies! I'll have to start that up here! Thanks for the idea!

Jamie Hirtle said...

When we saw this talk I told Aden we had to start it. We bought the little pom poms.... and that's as far as we got! Maybe you'll inspire us to actually start it up.

Tina said...

That is such a great idea! Definitely a great family home evening. I may have to try it!