Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Owl Beanies

On our last Newey playdate we decided to snap some pictures of the owl beanies I made the cousins this year for Christmas (as my talent for the Newey Christmas Eve Talent Show)
 The kids really loved them. I was so relieved. I was worried that I would got through all of that hard work and then have the kids think they were lame, like 
"Oh great... a crocheted hat from Aunt Liz... great!"

But I forgot the little sweeties I was dealing with.
 They made me feel so special by wanting to wear them all the time (you may have noticed them in the last couple of posts I made)

Here's Abby and Sarah playing a little duet on the piano.

I didn't get a picture of all of the hats together (and the colors are a little off in these pictures), but here are Ella's and Jeff's

June and Wimmy's
I barely finished Sarah, Abby Carter and Hallie's the night before we flew out.
It was so much fun learning a new skill and making something fun for Sarah & Abby and their cousins.

Although... next year, I think I'm just going to buy something and not spend every spare moment of my Christmas vacation crocheting. hehe


Karla said...

The hats are ADORABLE! I totally would pay you for one.

Jamie Hirtle said...

These are so, so , so cute!! Can we get on webcam sometime and you can show me how to make them? We have a mac too so we could just ichat. When I showed Aden he said, "Liz is a very creative person." Ok so I got a little jealous too that you are his crafty idol.... :)

Gwendolyn said...

I LOVE those! I would wear one! :)

Tina said...

You did such a great job on all of them! I can only imagine how much time it took you to do them!