Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alex and Peas

When we were living with my parents the summer before we moved here Sarah watched Madagascar a lot. I think the second one had just come out on DVD so she watch both of them. All the time. 

I was tired and pregnant with Abby, so I didn't care and let her watch them all she wanted.

Well we don't own them on DVD. So when we were visiting at Christmas time I loaded both of them on my iPod for Sarah to watch on the flight home. 
Well, now that is the special treat. To watch Madagascar on the iPod. 
It is kind of cute. "Mommy, I love you... can I watch the iPod"
Me: "Um... love you too" *Sarah snatches iPod*

No really it is a fun little treat for her when she's been good.

Well we were waiting for friends to show up the other afternoon and she pulled over a chair, hopped up on to it and did the whole opening act with Alex the Lion performing. 

"Alex... the LION!"
It was so funny. 

Then there was a knock on the door. Time to play.

Sarah and Josh are good little buddies. 
Sarah wanted to share her special little treat with Josh, so I let them play with my iPod for a little bit.
 I thought it was so cute how they cuddled up with one another. 
Two Peas in a Pod.

Meanwhile Abby and Kambree played with toys. 
 Isn't she beautiful. I'd love to do close ups on just her eyes. They are so pretty, with beautiful lashes. 

I should restate. They played by each other. Both of them are still are in the side-by-side play stage. But it was cute to see them toddling around together sharing toys (they were pretty cute about that)

It was a fun day. We need to have friends over more often.
Did you read that Pittsburgh moms? 
Send your kids on over. 
We love having friends, and you'd probably enjoy an couple of hours kid-free.
Wouldn't you? I know I would. 


Jennifer said...

We love Madagascar 2!
Your pics are so cute!