Friday, January 14, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again.

I know, I know. Where have I been? Well, the few people who actually read this probably know because I visited them. But *gasp* I've been home for over a week and I still haven't blogged about my Utah trip. Well... I've been busy. Maybe to keep myself from missing so many of you, I don't know. Anyway, got to get this blog updated and going again so that the Grandma's don't shrivel up from Sarah and Abby withdrawals. 

So bare with me as I begin posting a recap of the holidays with probably too much emotion and sappy sentiments. ;)

Loved seeing so many of you, and miss the sunshine of your sweet faces, 
especially after returning to the snowy gloominess here at home. 


Ash said...

I have missed you! You give me all my good mommy ideas. Glad your coming back:)

Tina said...

So glad you are in the saddle again! I figured you would be back once you were back from the vacation. Hope you had a splendid time!