Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Yellow One is the Sun

It is very gloomy in Pittsburgh. I think it is one of the BIGGEST things I miss about Utah. In Utah, it will snow and that same day the sun will be bright in the sky blinding you. 

Here. It is gray, cloudy and down right depressing. 

So when that mysterious circle appeared blazing away the clouds we had to take advantage of it. 

We wanted to go to the zoo, but by the time we all got in the car we wouldn't have made it in time (it closes at three in the winter). So we decided to head on down to the Strip District

It was cold. Bitter cold. But we didn't care. The sun was out and we needed to soak up some UV rays. 

There was a little donut shop that made fresh, unique cake donuts.
Like maple with bacon crumbles... oddly, I wanted to try it, maybe next time.
 So we stopped to watch them make a few, and of course had to sample some. 
What a handsome fella I married.

I caught the sun wrong in this picture, but I love it anyway. 

I also love Abby's face in both of these. 

All of the Steelers Vendors were out and crazy (I'm glad this was before the playoff game, now I hear it is ten times worse)
Ryan got a Steelers beanie so, you know, he could fit in on campus and everything. 
There were people crowded into every little shop. 
Except for a bizarre little shop that had knock off stuff and random Chinese decor. That was eerily quiet so we didn't stay in there long. 

We didn't last long outside, but it was nice to get out of the house, enjoy some sun and each other for a few short hours in the day.  


Tina said...

You've got me craving hot donuts now! Glad you could get some UV!