Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So. What do you think of the name? 

I think it is kind of cute. (Is it too cutesy?)

I'm still learning the world of Wordpress, so if you know any tips or tricks--do share, and if you'd like to follow my photo blog I'd love the company. 
I posted more pictures that I edited from my first little newborn shoot. It was so much fun. 

I'm also going to try and jump in on a 52 week photo challenge. That should be fun. I really want to learn how to take good raw image photos that don't really need much or any editing.
I also want to learn how to use photoshop a little better (to fix my less than perfect images)

So click on the link above and let me know what you think.

Also, if any of you good with logos? Just so I have something to put on my images (not that anyone would steal them, but you never know). If you are feeling creative and want to design one for me I'd love it!
Any takers? ;)


Ash said...

OMG Liz!!! I LOVE IT! The name and the pictures! My favs are the 3rd one down (how blue that little girls eyes are!) The one where the baby's holding the ring and the one of him in the blue hat and green blanket and the one where you propped him up on his hands. Your going to be an awesome photographer! Yay!!! Now I can add you to my Photoblogs roll! A logo is key. My page looks like crap because I have no logo and I even have an artistic husband to design one for me but he's to swamped. :( I'm excited to see more of your images!

Ashley said...

So cute Liz. By the way, your pictures look wonderfuL!!!!!

nlybbs said...

Love it!

Roberta said...

You are a natural! These pictures are beautiful! I love the 3rd one down, the little girl's blue eyes just POP! They are all so wonderful.

Roberta said...

Oh, and the name of your blog is great! I love it!

Momma Twitch said...

They look great Liz!!! You do such an amazing job. :) I can't wait to see more.

Karah said...

Looks awesome! I can't wait to see more... if you ever need extra subjects for your photo practice, I'm sure my kids are available :)

Annie Goodwin said...

Liz, you are absolutely amazing!!! I love everything about these pictures and the Lizzie{winks} is perfect. It's totally you and I love it!

Gwendolyn said...

Those are pretty dang good for being brand new. I like the wedding rings in front. Very cool.