Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello again Zoo!

We had a little spring tease. So we took up the opportunity to go to the zoo with a few friends. It ended up being a little windy that day, but the kiddos still had lots of fun running around. 

The kids were so funny. Here we are at the zoo, with lots of interesting things to look at, and often we would turn to find them poking sticks in the left over snow... not like they can't do that at home or anything.

Measuring up to the baby elephant. 
Our zoo has been a little birthing factory, it had a baby elephant just a few months before we came, and since we've been here it has had a litter of painted dog pups, a couple of baby sea lions born, and just recently a pack of tiger cubs. Pretty cool! 

Like most zoos they have wandering peacocks. 
 Of course Sarah decided it would be fun to chase one down. She got really close to this female and she actually ended up raising and fanning out her feathers. I didn't think females did that... apparently Sarah scared her good.

Abby checking out the fish that are bigger than she is.
 Do you love her hat hair?

I love this picture of Sarah and her good buddy Josh.

Amy and Sarah we saying hello to this donkey and were thrilled when it came over to say hello. 
 Until it started to EAT HER SHOE!!!
 Psycho Donkey!

Here is one more picture of Abby.
Her face here makes me laugh.

It was a fun little trip to the zoo, can't wait until it really warms up and we can go lots and lots!!!
Bring on Spring.


Melissa said...

Oh I am SOOOOOOOOO anxious for warm weahter and zoo trips with Ellie. Looks like so much fun! Wish you lived HERE so we could go to the zoo together.