Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It still February, right?

So I'm a little behind on my blogging. What can you do. But it is still February, so I'm going to post about our Valentine's.

Here are the things I love...

That Sarah was able to make her own Valentines this year...
 Look how focused she is, I love it. 
 (She traced the letters I wrote, but she did an amazing job)

 She did however glue the hearts together all by herself, I was impressed how well she lined it all up. Great job Sarah!

I love that both of my girls hair is long enough to do fun things with. 
Here are their little Valentine's Day Do's
 Do you see the little hearts in her pig-tails?
I'm often asked "how do you get her to sit still?"
Want to know my secret?
I do it while feeding her breakfast, keeps her good and distracted while I'm tugging on her hair. 

Sarah's heart braids. 
 Kind of looks funny from the front. Oh well. 

I love making sweet treats... even if Abby climbed on the table and took a bit out of them all, thus preventing us from sharing our hard work *sigh* 
 Maybe she was helped a little by her big sister. 

We love packages. They are so fun to open.
 Abby just loves eating the treats. 
 Check out her devouring a S'mores pop!

I Love how Sarah learned how to write her name. 
Sarah had a friend over and I quickly folded some paper and cut out some hearts so they could make some valentines while I got some things done. Later that night when I was cleaning up I opened her little card to find that she had written her name in it All. By. Herself! Love it!
The cutest part is that she wrote it first in pencil (just like I had done for the grandparent's cards), and then traced it in marker. 

 I love the sunshine that comes through our dinning room windows in the morning.
 And who doesn't love Hershey's chocolate milk?

Speaking of Chocoalate...
I love these chocolatey brown eyes that I get to look at all day long.   
 All silliness included.

I love our cute new matching coats. Perfect combo of cuddly and warm. 

I love valentines. Such a great excuse to say an extra 'I love you' and eat lots and lots of chocolate. 
Life couldn't be better. 


Karla said...

So cute! I always love your pictures. Also - how did you figure out how to do their hair. That's one thing I'm definitely not ready for.

Camille said...

Awesome pictures! You just do the cutest stuff! Brielle saw the heart piggy tails and LOVED it...so she's sporting those today. Thanks for the cute idea. ;)

Aden and Jamie said...

Cute hair! I know someone with 3 little girls and their hair is always so scraggly and uncombed (ok so maybe she is just too busy... or maybe she isn't a girl girly). I love it when little girls have cute little hair-dos.

Tina said...

Your girls are adorable! Looks like you had a lovely day. Love their hair-dos. So creative!