Monday, February 7, 2011

Loving Boxes

Is it odd that we love boxes so much around here?

I can't tell you how many boxes we have scattered throughout our house. Where I am sitting right now I can see one, two three, four... five boxes around me... (Wow, more than I thought). We use boxes for just about everything. To carry crafting supplies for a project (the box sitting out was from, mmm, maybe a week ago...i'm bad). Sarah loves to carry various toys in boxes, or turn them into space ships/homes/prisons (don't know where she got that from). We keep old shoe boxes, post boxes, packaging... really. I swear we're not pack rats. 
Although, after going down into our basement repeatedly today, 
and nearly breaking my neck twice trying to reach things, 
I'm starting to wonder if I need an intervention

Maybe we get so attached to them because they are so fun to play in. 

Or maybe its because we love to turn them into things. 
Meet Bob, the Robot.

I'd like to think that we are Earth-friendly and try to reuse and recycle. 

But maybe the real reason we enjoy boxes so much is because they usually bring us sugary goodness. 

Cute clothes. 

And very fun toys. 

Whatever the reason.... we love boxes. 

(Thanks G'ma Newey, I'll post pictures of them in their outfits soon)