Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thank goodness for little girls...

They give me an excuse for making cute girlie things like this!

So fun! Right?

I have had a creativity mental block for a while... So what do you think? 
I love it, but then again, I am {a little} biased. 

I copied a cute lil' blanket Sarah was given for her baby doll. So I can't take the credit. 

My favorite is how the pillowcase turned out. 
 I love how frilly and girlie it is. 
I love the little tie that keeps the opening closed (and hopefully keeps the girls from taking out the pillows)

I think the babies look much happier than before... or at least I'm happier looking at them. 
Looks so cute in this little play space. 

About the making of this project:

I had a whole bunch of strips from the edging of my fabric. Abby kept stealing them and putting them on has necklaces. Doesn't it just complete her look?

Sarah was my project manager. 
Constantly bringing her plans and ideas for how to make it perfect. 
Check out her little picture she drew. 
She has really gotten into drawing pictures. Can you see all of the people that she drew?
Whenever I write something for her, if it has a circle then it gets a little smiley face in it. 
I think that is how everything needs to be in life, filled with smiles. 


Aden and Jamie said...

Cute! Good thing you didn't have 2 boys first! Sarah's little pics are so adorable. I love it when kids start drawing little people.

Ali or Mike said...

You're just too awesome!! Very cute blankets. Where did you get the bunk beds?

Liz said...

Thanks! I'm glad I had two girls first too!

The bunk beds were from when I was a little girl. I think my parents found them when we were stationed in Germany. My mom brought the bunk beds out when she visited this summer.

Jennifer said...

Sydney says, "Mama, das a baby. I wike it." (B They are very cute Liz!

Gwendolyn said...

Holy cow Liz! Those are amazing. So far, all I've done is sew on paper.
Those are totally cute, Karter said so. :)

Brooke said...

Ruffles?!? I'm impressed you can do ruffles. My doll pillows are usually just a rectangle sewn in half.

I'm going to be working on the baby quilt today-- thanks for the inspiration!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

So cute! I wish I knew how to sew. :)

nlybbs said...

So cute! The things you do are awesome, lady! Thanks for the inspiration once again!

Ash said...

So cute Liz! I love the little ruffles around the pillow. X was driving me nuts tearing his toy room apart trying to build a fort. Then I thought of you and the time you built a fort out of a big ol box and so I went to RC willey got a box and we now have a bat cave! Thanks for all the fun ideas you post on here gives me ideas all the time. :)

Tina said...

Liz, you put me to shame! Nice job! And to have done it with no sleep! Hope Sarah is feeling better!