Friday, October 8, 2010


Too stubborn to give this cold weather the satisfaction of forcing me to turn on the furnace. 
So my poor girls have no other choice but to layer up. 

Its not as bad as Randy on Christmas story. 

But look at her little tummy, she looks like a marshmallow!
Want to know her layers? 
White t-shirt, white long sleeved-tee, peasant top tee, red hoodie, white furry vest, pink hoodie. 
She is keeping warm in our 60° home. 
Of course, after climbing and jumping around the furniture she warmed up and took off some layers. 
Still, it is CHILLY
Hopefully the weather warms up a little bit like the weatherman has promised me. There is a cool little carnival going on at Pitt tonight and tomorrow and I would love to take the girls, I think Sarah would LOVE the ferris wheel. 
Pictures to come. {Hopefully} 

Yesterday, after Abby's nap we went for a little walk... here are a couple more pictures. 
(You're welcome G'mas!)

Soaking up the sun. 

Sarah started crying and Abby was so sweet and ran up and tried to give her a hug. Precious. 

 I just love it when they walk together and hold hands. 

Thanks for coming out Mr. Sun... we'd love it if you visited more often.


Deb said...

Aw I love them. I love Abby's hat. That is so cute that they hold hands! Im the same way, we bundle up during the day but I still have to sleep with the AC on at night. I'm weird.

Ashley said...

Liz, this is hilarious. I love how even though you have them bundled up you still have her dolled up with a bow!!! Oh, girls are so much fun!! And I love your pictures. They are beautiful. Your girls have such darling personalities.

James and Talai Macfarlane said...

You crack me up! What about Abby? What were her layers? I love the pictures of your girls on your walk - so sweet!

Aden and Jamie said...

You need to become a photographer! I love the one with Sarah looking at the leaf. I have to bundle up too... but that's because Aden is always hot and won't let me turn on the heat (even though it is free in our building!)