Monday, October 4, 2010

Sarah Speech (again)

Talking about seeing Grandma Lisa
"She's gonna brush her hair, and we'll smell her teeth, so yummy and her nose is SO BEAUTIFUL!"

Sarah: I want to have a popsicle
Me: Me too
Sarah: Me Three!
Me: Me Four!
Sarah: No mama, Me three. I'm three years old!

Me: Thats it, Mom's going in time out.
Sarah: "Wah... mama.... wah!
Me: Mom's in time out Sarah.
Sarah: I want to go in time out too!
Me: Only one person can be in time out at a time.
Sarah: I'm a person too Mama!
(I needed some space, both girls were just clinging to me... ahhh! I didn't get it... just to let you know).

Ryan gives Sarah a tickley kiss on her neck.
Sarah: That was tickley daddy!
Me: Was daddy's face scratchy?
Sarah: Huh uh.
Me: Now feel mommy's face. (Sarah touches my check). How does my face feel?
Sarah: Um, just right.
Me: Now feel daddy's face again. (Sarah touches Ryan's check). How does daddy's face feel?
Sarah: Just boring.

Racing her dollies.
"On your mark...
Get sick... 

Ryan: Sarah how old are you?
Sarah: Three
Ryan: Do you know how old I am? Twenty-Seven
Sarah: Oh!
Ryan: How old is mommy?
Sarah: Ten
Me: Nope, I'm Twenty-Eight
Sarah: I'm Twenty-Three Mommy! And Abby is Twenty-One!!!
(Oh too soon, that will be true)

Sarah has discovered Blues Clues (we can watch it online through Netflix) and when we dropped off Ryan at school the other morning she kept saying:
Look Mommy, LOOK! 
A clue! 
There's Blues Clues! 
Another Blue's Clues! 
Mommy, look, Look, LOOK!!!! 
They're everywhere!
I was driving and wasn't really understanding how she was seeing paw prints everywhere, until we went under a crosswalk that connected two buildings and I saw the yellow and blue panther paw prints (Univ of Pitts mascot) painted all over it. They must have been in the windows of several of the businesses we'd driven past. How cool though for her to think that Blue, from Blue's Clues was leaving her clues all across town. 

Driving Past the Cathedral of Learning
Sarah: Look mommy the building
Me: Um, yeah.
Sarah: The building right over there.
Me: The tall one? The Cathedral of Learning that we went with Michelle too?
Sarah: Yeah. Where's Michelle, mommy?
Me: She's in Utah.
Sarah: Oh, why?
Me: Because she lives there so she can go to school like daddy.
Sarah: No Mommy. Michelle is at the airport.
Me: Michelle lives at the airport.
Sarah: Yup. Lets go get Michelle at the airport.


Erin said...

really cute post! I have been meaning to do one of these with the things my girls come up with. They change grow so fast I just can't quite seem to keep up but looking back those are my favorite things to read back on. btw the soap I used was shaving cream :)

Red Dawg said...

I'll leave one of Henry's:

pointing at a convenience store:
'Look mom, a police car.
Me: Oh Yeah
H: Their probably getting some lunch
Me: Yeah
H: or maybe a cool drink.

He sounded like a waiter on the love boat.

Ashley said...

She is too funny. You are so smart to write it all down. I LOVE your cute beding you made for the doll bunk beds. You are so creative. It's so darling. What a fun Momma you are Liz.

Deb said...

Silly girl. I can't wait till June hits that age and can say funny stuff. (Well...maybe I can...) Keep the cute quotes coming!