Thursday, October 7, 2010

It fits!

I was going through boxes to change out Abby's clothes to the next size range when I came across this outfit. 
This little outfit was a gift from a dear friend... I was so excited when I got it... I LOVED it!
(Its a good thing Sarah was too big for it, or I would have let her wear it, 
and then Abby would have missed out on having something new to wear... 
instead of all of the Big Sis hand-me-downs that she usually wears) 

It felt like it would be forever before she would be wearing it. 
This cute little one is growing too fast. I can't believe it!

Mom, do you recognize that flower? Its the one you made. I just clipped it onto her hat. 

 Isn't it soooo darling! I love the colors!

Do you see that on the right side of Abby... SUNLIGHT!!!
The weather is already getting a little gloomy... it was nice to see the sun!

 She looks like a little chipmunk here. So cute!

She was tricky to get any pictures of, she just wanted to run everywhere!

As I was putting Abby's pictures on here, Sarah asked to see hers. So we snapped a few quick pictures.  

 Sarah has always been a good at winking. Soon after she understood what blinking was, she learned to wink. I wish I would have written it down how old she was. 
I just need to search through pictures and find one, I am sure I got a picture of it after she learned how. 

 She wanted me to take a picture of her with her eyes closed. 
Why? I'm not sure, maybe she wanted to see what she looks like. 

The after lunch sleepies... if only she would go to sleep when she gets them. 


Ash said...

I LOVE the little chickmunk pic!

Ali or Mike said...

Love the outfit too!! You have such cute doll babies! (That's a phrase my family uses.) I'm impressed that you get so many pictures. Don't forget to get some of yourself.

Carolanne said...

Your kids are adorable! They really know how to work the camera. They must get it from you. I've always thought that you were one of the most photogenic people I know.