Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preschool Halloween Party

Let me start with a little story. 

Every time someone asks Sarah what she wants to be for Halloween, she quickly responds, "A Pirate." Cute, I'd love for her to be a pirate... but, I'm making her be Raggedy Anne, because it is the same costume that I wore when I was her age. Well, I hadn't finished making her wig (the old crepe paper one got trashed) and needed to improvise for her little preschool party on Tuesday. I rummaged up a Fairy Princess costume that she got for Christmas last year and asked her if she would be okay with that. All was fine and she went to bed excited for her party the next morning. Well, that night, while I was getting everything set up for the preschool party I came across a bag of costumes that I got from freecycle last fall. And what costume do you think was inside? A Pirate costume, two actually... must have been twins. 

So in the morning I laid the two options before her. Fairy Princess... or Pirate. 

Much to my surprise, she chose to be a Fairy Princess. 
Want to know what changed her mind? 
The shoes. 
She loved feeling so big wearing these cheap plastic heels (that were extremely loud clomping around). 

I thought she looked beautiful. 
Crooked wings and all. 

It was a very fun party. I definitely enjoyed it and I think the kiddos did too! 
Here are a couple of pictures from it. 
(Click to enlarge)

I did face painting at the beginning. 
The kids colored pictures to decorate their way oversized bags. 
Lunch time, complete with Mummy Dogs, Goblin Smiles and Lady Fingers! Yum!
Pumpkin Mask Table
Foam Craft
Pin the Grin on the Jack-o-lantern
Making Spider Hands

The kiddos in action. 
Making Ghost Pops

It was really cute, after each kid finished their ghost pop they would fly it around the house Ooo-ing rather spookily. 
We have 8 kids in preschool, but two had to leave before we got our little group shot!

Thanks ladies for all of your help, and letting me be a crazy activity planner. 
It was fun, and I appreciated all of the warmth, love and laughter in my home.

PS - I was a bad photographer and had a lot of lighting issues. Sorry! I didn't get good shots of all of the kiddos (or any of some).  I'll be better at the next one!


Deb said...

I love Sarah's face painting! Looks like a fun party, you are so creative and fun!

Aden and Jamie said...

You should become a Recreation Director for sure! Hey, come do my job! I am already done with it. Aden says he knows of a lady who started a business as children's event planner and does pretty well. Go for it!