Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poor Sarah

Last night as we were getting Sarah to bed she complained that her ear hurt.

Oh great, ear infection.

Well I gave her some Tylenol and just planned on taking her to urgent care first thing in the morning. She fell asleep quickly and I figured it was the right decision. Wrong. At about Midnight-thirty Sarah woke up screaming in pain (literally). I forced some more Tylenol into her and tried to soothe her back to sleep. No such luck. Poor little girl was in so much pain and there wasn't anything that I could do about it but say silent prayers while hugging and kissing and stroking her hair. It was not a fun night. Ryan was a dear and brought Sarah downstairs to watch a show and let me get some "sleep." It wasn't good sleep because every time Sarah would scream or whimper it would jolt me awake. But I appreciated laying my comfy bed (thanks for being a trooper Ry and taking the couch).

Early in the morning I got up to trade Ryan places. By this time poor little Sarah was so exhausted that her body couldn't do anything else but sleep. At eight I had to wake her up and drive her to urgent care. The pediatric clinic that Sarah goes to has urgent care hours in the morning... well everyday but Saturdays! Luckily  one of the doctors working was a dear and let us squeeze in an appointment.

Turns out Sarah has an ear infection (as suspected) AND a giant blister on that ear drum! No wonder it hurt her so bad. At times, I think Ryan and I were a little impatient with Sarah. She can be over-dramatic and so we told her to cut it out and quit working herself up so much. Now I feel terrible for not being more sympathetic the entire night.

Well the fun continues...

I brought Sarah home and waited a few minutes before running to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription. When I went to pick it up they had to verify some insurance information, so I had to wait in the store for "10-15 minutes." Of course... it is never that quick. By the time they filled it and I went to check out my insurance came up as saying "bill other insurance." We were double covered for a while, but I guess our current insurance company didn't make the changes in their system. Bleh! So I had to call to find out that the only people who could help me resolve the problem work M-F (lucky for them). Those poor pharmacy techs. I was on the verge of tears about the whole thing. Must have been the exhaustion setting in. I ended up paying out of pocket for her drugs (it was that or waiting until Monday when we could get the whole insurance thing resolved... out of the question). Which stinks because Sarah is allergic to penicillin so she has to get the super expensive stuff. No worries though, I should be able to get reimbursed for the difference once I get my insurance company on the same page. *sigh* Something fun to look forward to Monday morning. Yay!

Luckily, after spending and hour and a half at the pharmacy I came home and drugged up Sarah and by the time conference started she was cheerful as ever. She even snuggled on the couch with Ryan and me for the first good half of a session before getting bored and doing other things.
Here's Ryan and Sarah sitting all cuddly ready to watch conference on our computer (thus the odd placement of our loveseat). 
Check out Ryan's awesome I-can't-believe-you're-taking-a-picture-of-us-watching-conference face (mixed with sleepy). 
Hehehe. Oh how he humors me. 

The rest of the day was wonderful, and surprisingly enough I stayed awake through both sessions. I even got around to making the blankets and pillowcases for our baby-doll bunk-bed set (the reason I was able to stay awake). Pictures of that to come.


Deb said...

Aw that sucks. Poor Sarah. Sick kids are the worst. I honestly wish I could take on every cold and sickness that will ever hit my children. Glad she's feeling better though. Love Ryan's expression in the pic.

Tiffany said...

Sorry to hear that Sarah was so sick! That sounds so painful! Please tell her that Cody and Kylee wish her well and we hope to play soon. Let us know if there is anything you guys need.