Sunday, October 17, 2010

Harvest Valley Farms

Ryan took a test Friday morning so he had a study-free weekend that we decided to fill up with family fun. Friday night we had a movie night and went to the dollar theater to see Toy Story 3 and then Saturday (after I got back from my almost 7 mile run, and attended a Stake Relief Society Activity) we drove up to Harvest Valley Farms to check out their animals and pumpkin patch. It was barrels of fun. 
 I love Sarah's face, she was in love with the Horses 
(Miniature Horses? Mules? Donkeys? Whatever they were)

 Look how she is just drinking it all in with those big chocolate eyes. 

 Abby was excited to be out and running around, and love picking up every rock she saw 
(the road was gravel... so we moved very slow...)

They had some fun things to do, like be spooked by this gigantic spider while listening to an artist perform classics from James Taylor and John Denver. 

Of course there were plenty of pumpkins to be seen...
 although, we didn't buy any while we were there, they were a little pricey and got ours back home at the grocery store. Hehehe...

Sarah got her face hand painted. 
I thought for sure she'd want her cheek painted, but she insisted it was yucky and opted for her hand instead. Want to know what halloweeny picture she picked?

You'll never guess...
 A vampire (an early obsession with Twilight... I sure hope not)

Abby adored all of the animals around the farm. They had chickens running all over. In a barn we got to check out some baby goats (they were probably my favorite, so cute), two different kinds of baby chicks and some young pigs (they weren't tiny piglets, but they were still cute, curly tails and all), and a few dogs to pet. 

Look at this gentle pup's eyes. What a sweetie. She was so nice to let Abby maul her.  

 Ryan had to step in and help Abby to be gentle. 

 Sarah and I took a little hayride and learned about the beehives kept on the farm. 
Did you know that a bee has to visit the flower on a pumpkin plant TEN times before it will produce a pumpkin? 
Or that eating local honey can help with allergies? 
(although, I'm not too sure that is a fact, or convincing statement to increase their honey sales... maybe both)

They had a cute little corn maze and a straw tunnel for the kiddos to crawl through. 
Look how proud Abby is sitting by her big sister, she sat so still for this shot.  

We had a great time.
Very low key. Perfect for making lots of memories. 


Ash said...

LOVE all the fallish pics! The one of Abby and the dog and Sarah with the horse are my favorites. What a fun lil place to take the kids. Wish teleporting was possible so I could join you on all your fun adventures and you could join us. :) YOUR LOOKING REALLY GOOD LIZ! All this running has got you turning into one hot mama!

Jamie Hirtle said...

Liz, you are so gorgeous! No wonder why your kiddos are so cute! I wish it were still fall here. We just had a big snow storm so it feels more like winter! This farm looks like so much fun. You guys are having all kinds of adventures!

Camille said...

That sounds like a ton of fun! We haven't ever done those farm/pumpkin patch things but did this year and had a GREAT time! Your girls are SO cute, you always have their hair done so darling! Oh...and I've heard the same thing about local honey helping allergies, and it wasn't from a beekeeper. :)

Deb said...

Very cute! Great pictures! You guy always have so much fun it seems! What a good mom you are.

Kaydee said...

So Fun...The Colors in your pictures are so great. Your fam is beautiful

mom said...

Liz,you look absolutely gorgeous--especially in that one photo where you are sitting on the hayride with Abigail--that blue is your color! Of course the girls looks adorable as usual--you too Ryan;)(I didn't want you to feel left out!)

Ashley said...

Liz, you are such a beauty. inside and out. And I just love your girl's hair. It always looks so darling. I can't wait to go to our little Pumpkin Patch out here. I seriously wait all year for it.

Brooke said...

Hee -- I like how, in the second picture of Sarah with the horse -- the sunlight makes the horse's mane look purple. Very cool, very Wizard-of-Oz (ahhh, but this is a horse of a different color!).

Gorgeous pics!

Gwendolyn said...

That looks like so much fun. I love that Sarah got her hand painted. That sounds like something Karter would do. Your girls are adorable, I LOVE Abby's hair and Sarah's jacket.