Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Distance

9 miles! 

Yeah me! 
I was pretty slow (it took me a little over 2 hours to do). 
I have been feeling pretty yucky all week, so the energy level was low, 
BUT I am so glad that I did it, and that I didn't stop. 
*pats self on back*
I'm feeling pretty sore. No pain, no gain. Right? right...

Some thoughts that I had on this run: 
This is never going to end (more at the beginning).
These colors are gorgeous (where's my camera!)
Please don't watch me slowly run past you... its mmm awkward.
GAH! My quads are on fire! When will this hill end!
I'm flying down this hill, I love downhill, I love downhill, I love downhill...
Man, I want to be as fast as that chick!
I'm only four miles away from running a half marathon.
The lighting is perfect out here. 
I'm so grateful for this gorgeous weather!
I can sprint to the end. 
Stick a fork in me I'm DONE!

PS - I'm sorry to bore everyone with these posts, I just want to keep track of my progress and I'm proud of my hard work, so I have to share the love. :)


Ashley said...

Liz, you are the bomb. Keep the updates coming. Rock on. By the way, you must have a rockin playlist. Will you share it with us??

Karla said...

Great job, Liz! I enjoyed reading your thoughts as you ran. Keep it up!

Ash said...

You didn't bore me, I was thinking this was a way cute post. Made me feel like I was running with ya while I sit here on my butt getting more and more unhealthy. Your gonna be Miss HOttie pants come December. I'm gonna smother you in photo shoots. :)

James and Talai Macfarlane said...

Go you! You are awesome! And you don't bore me AT ALL with these posts! I live to know how you are doing - it keeps me motivated as well!

Aden and Jamie said...

Good job Liz! I had similar thoughts when I ran the 1/2 marathon. My running clothes were dirty so I threw on a bright yellow technical shirt I got for volunteering once, a baggy pair of running capris with bright pink stripes down the sides, my old grey and ugly running shoes and then a jacket and a long sleeved shirt tied around my waist (after I got too hot). I felt like the bag lady of running... and looked like it for sure! I kept thinking, "Ok don't look at me! I wish I had pants/shoes/a shirt like that lady." But the best part is whatever thoughts you have, you can still be a runner and you did it! Good job!

Kelly said...

Yay, I found your blog :) ok, here's my email address Send an email my way so we can figure out a time to get the kids together. I am really busy this coming week, but completely free next week. This is going to be fun. I'm so excited to finally get to know you better!

Kelly said...

oh, and p.s. You are seriously the most amazing photographer on the planet!

Momma Twitch said...

GO LIZ GO LIZ!!!! 9 miles is a big milestone!

Gwendolyn said...

Not boring at all!! It's really motivating! Go Liz!!!

Brooke said...

Woot woot woot! The big nine!! Maybe you should have some kind of graphic in your blog sidebar to show us your progress -- it's kickin'!

Tina said...

You are inspiring! I just caught the bug, and really want to start running (who know how long I will feel this way, it started 2 days ago, and I've only ran a mile each day). I'm hoping to gradually build up to it.