Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Fest

Pitt had a Fall Fest this past weekend, and had amusement park rides set up at the University. After driving past it a couple of times and having Sarah go bananas about the ferris wheel we decided to check it out. 

It pretty much ended up being a Daddy-Daughter Date. They didn't have kid prices, just student and non-student... so we didn't want to fork out the money for Abby to ride the two rides she could. 

So, all the cool people got these sweet wristbands. 

Sarah's first choice was the Dizzy Dragons. It is kind of like the Tea Cup ride at Disneyland. 

She had a blast. She then got braver and rode the "Sizzler" she was pretty funny, I'll have to post the video of her reaction after she got off later, but she wasn't so sure how she felt about the ride when it was done. Later she said that it was her favorite ride of them all. 
Poor Ryan had to ride them all over and over, and the Sizzler was a dizzy, dizzy ride. What a sport. 

Then the "Wheel" Sarah was so excited to go high in the sky. 
 Um, don't know what is up with the green spot on Ryan's face, guess all that studying is making his nuclear brain leak out... or something...

Up, up, they go!!!

Here's a little family shot one of the workers snapped... umm, minus Abby, she was in the stroller. 

Check out the super creepy horses on the carousel...
Sarah didn't mind. 

Abby was being very cute. She would wave and say hi as Ryan and Sarah went past. 

What a ham!
Deb - I think Abby looks like June in this picture... may just be me though.

After quite a few snacks Abby was done sitting in the stroller, so I let her get out to watch.
It was kind of sad, she would holler at Sarah and Ryan from behind the gate and shake it trying to get in. After doing this a couple of times I decided we better go exploring. 

 We walked through the grass picking up lots of acorns and leaves. 
We even got to feed some brave little squirrels that came right up to us. 

After Ryan and Sarah rode to their hearts content 
(or rather until Ryan's stomach couldn't handle them any more) 
we had a little treat. 
Check out the sign: Funnel Cakes, Elephant Ears and Deep Fried Oreos and Twinkies!


We had parked at a nearby park (so we wouldn't have to pay for parking) and on our little walk home Ryan spotted this cute little guy. He was actually pretty big for a caterpillar, about 3 inches long. 

Good Times!


Aden and Jamie said...

Looks like fun! They have all kinds of deep-fried things at the Calgary Stampede too like oreos and mars bars. As if they don't have enough fat already! You have such a cute little fam. Wish we lived closer and could hang out!

Deb said...

Looks like fun! Great photos! Abby does look like june in that pic. When june saw Abby she kept saying "baby!" and when she saw Ryan in the pictures she kept saying "Dada!"

Gwendolyn said...

The horse is a little frightening. Geez. :)
Abby is getting so big. And cute!
Looks like you guys had tons of fun. LOVE the ferris wheel pics, very scrappable. :)

Brooke said...

Those are some dang angry carousel horses. I guess I'd be angry too if I had to spin around in circles all day.

The fuzzy caterpillar picture brought back memories -- you find them all over Pittsburgh in the fall. One year there were a whole lot in our backyard, so keep an eye out for them there, too!

Ash said...

Love all the Ferris wheel pics! So cute! And the squirrel and caterpillar. I should introduce your caterpillar to my butterfly. :)