Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Happenings

One of the sisters that I visit had a guest pass to the 'Halloween Happenings' that Phipps Conservatory held this year and invited me and the girls to tag along. 
It was so much fun. 
I was way excited that she asked me to go and super impressed with all the fun activities.

It gave me a chance to finally dress Sarah up as a Pirate!

 Sarah LOVED hanging out with bigger kids. 

They had stations all around the gardens where you could color a bracelet, get your face painted, color a picture, make a pumpkin book mark, etc. 

You even could go outside in the children's garden and mini golf.
 It was a bit cold, but they still had lots of fun!

The COOLEST part had to be the MAGIC SHOW that they had!

Here are the kiddos excited for it to start. 

They had a huge spread of goodies and treats for the kids to snack on. They were really strict about the snacks being only for the kids (which I didn't care) but as we were leaving they were begging everyone to take more (of course we just wanted to high tail it out of there, so they got stuck with it all, bwah hahaha)

Anyway, back to the Magician. He was very cute with the kids. He had several of them go up to help him with his tricks and had the entire audience giggling frequently. At the very end, right before his last trick and before he asked for a helper, Sarah stood up and began hoping up and down with her hand up. He asked her what she wanted and she said "Um, just to help you?" So he let her help him with his last trick. 

He gave her a little wand and asked her to wave it over the cage, while the audience yelled the magic word, "Bingo." This was supposed to make the vicious beast appear.
But it didn't.  
So he gave her a bigger wand. 
and a bigger wand...
and a bigger wand!
Until he handed her a wand that was like SIX FEET long!
(She may or may not have whacked him with it)

The gianormous wand finally did the trick and a cute little bunny appeared that only Sarah got to pet.
So special for my little animal lover. 

She even got her own magic wand for being his helper. 

For our last little stop we got to go and plant an 'Eyeball Plant'.
Yes, that is seriously the name. 
 ...and, um, if I don't kill the little thing, I'll take a picture of the bloom that is supposed to look like an eyeball. 

It was such a fun night (even if the kids were beyond cranky on the way out the door)
Thank you, thank  you Jess for letting me tag along with your fun little family. I LOVED it!
Can't wait to go again with you again at Christmas time!

Little Story: Okay, so the only costume I had for Abby was her little Ladybug one, and I didn't want her getting it all goo-ed up at this event, so I put a cute little 'Trick or Treat' onsie on her and a Halloween-ish bow in her hair and called it good. It was funny though. I swear I caught a lot of glimpses from other moms that were like "Ahem, and why is you other daughter not dressed up?" Funny, funny! People make me laugh. HA! I still thought she was adorable... and a lot more comfortable than shoved in an oversized bunny costume or dragging on the floor princess dress. Hehehe!
I love people!


Brooke said...

Sarah's pirate dreads are RIGHTEOUS! I miss the Phipps!

Ash said...

These are way cute pictures Liz! I love Halloween pictures especially ones with pirates. That first pic of her is adorable! And I love how she helped the magician. She's got such a cute personality and such a fun mama!