Friday, March 12, 2010

We're following the leader, where ever she may go.

So in my church nursery we try to take a reverence walk to let the kids get a bit of a scenery change before music time and a lesson. The first week we tried it I only had some rope... which didn't work because the kids couldn't figure out why they needed to hold on to the rope, or where on the rope. I saw these follow the leader, line keeper ropes on the Oriental Trading Companies website that were adorable. 

                                           I LOVE the jungle animals one. 

Only they were $16.99 (+ shipping) for one 12 ring rope (and I would need AT LEAST two!).
Not really budget friendly.

So I decided (at 10:30pm the night before) to make my own. 

Not as cute as the little jungle animals, but at least the kids won't fight about who gets to hold the elephant or whatever. 

Through the wonderful freecycle I got quite the little stash of fabric, and in it was this retro knit fabric. I actually like it, and you may see a matching pair of jammies for the girls in the future. 
I had the blue gingham ties left from my baby baskets that I redid (HERE its at the bottom of the post). 

I only made 18, because I knew that was a safe number for Sunday, but I'll make more as needed. 

It was a simple project and worked out great!


Em said...

Very cool, what's inside the rings?

Deb said...

So creative. I was just talking about those exact things yesterday, but if only you could figure out a way that they attach to the kid so they couldn't run away (or get kidnapped). I'm already worrying about having multiple children. I'm totally going to be a leash mom and I don't even care. :)

Annie Goodwin said...

Liz! You need to write a book with all your ideas. The only thing I can whip up that fast is a PB&J!!! You're amazing.

Liz said...

@ Em - I just put polyfill or whatever that white pillow-filler stuff is called (that part actually took longer than sewing them together)

@Deb - I know, I seriously thought about doing a carabiner clip thingying or something to just attach to the kiddos, but they did pretty good to just hold onto the rings, and after a couple of Sundays I am sure they will be great and then we can take short walks outside too.

@Annie - You are too nice, I couldn't ever write a book though. I just steal ideas from others. I still keep thinking about doing a craft blog... but I am afraid no one would ever look at it.

Gwendolyn said...

That is a great idea! We just got released from primary but if for some odd reason I ever say yes to nursery, I'm totally gonna have you make me some. :) (kidding..)

Gwendolyn said...

Oh, and I would absolutely look at your craft blog. You should!!