Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moving Picture

I've been having quite a few people ask me how I did the moving pictures on my blog. I wish I could say I came up with some amazing idea on my own, market it and sell the software... but I, being the copycat that I am I just can't.

It is called "gif animation" (don't ask me what gif means, I don't know). It is super simple. I just did a google search to find a website. I used MySpaceGens because it didn't require you do download any software (I just hate doing that).

You just upload the pictures you want to mash together and viola! It creates the gif file for you. Now the website I used isn't an image host, so I copied the image URL and uploaded it to (I am sure other places like flicker and such would work too) and then used the image URL from photobucket to get it on my blog. If you just use the MySpaceGens image url, it will be deleted after awhile when the web pages refreshes (I learned the hard way). I also just tried saving the image to my computer from MySpaceGens, but it breaks apart the photos you use when you do it. 

The website I used lets you use up to 50 images (I think the last one of Sarah was around 20 or so). You can also change the speed of how fast it flips through them. The default is 1 second, so I changed it to .25 seconds to speed it up a bit.

Its so much fun, now I expect all of you to snap multiple pics at one time and make you're own!!

Let me know if you have any questions... and please, share a link when you make one, I just think they are so much fun. I know I am silly, I could just as easily make a video, but it is more fun this way!

PS - I think when you have some blurry movement pictures thrown in there it make it look better.


Deb said...

How do you upload it with it moving? Mine only shows the first picture. I tried the photo upload button, but theres no option for a .gif file. I'm confused.

Liz said...

I just right clicked and chose copy image url and uploaded it to photobucket that way. I wasn't able to successfully save it to my computer. On photobucket there is an option to upload from a url. Is that clear? clear as mud?

Ash said...

So do ya have to take multiple snap images as their moving for it to work? I don't know if my camera does taht.

Blake & Anya Young said...

I found your blog from Talai's. I just tried this easy and so cool! I am seriously addicted!!!