Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day

In Washington, DC

Our only family shot of the day. 


Ham Samich...yum!

I {LOVE} this one!

Air and Space Museum

Abby enjoying herself.

Carousel Ride

Of course, she wanted to go again 
(even though she didn't really enjoy the first ride)

Sarah: "Look, LOOK!!! A rocket ship!"

Bright sunny day!

Hitching a ride. 

PS - I made the matching shirts the girls are sporting


Deb said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Way cute pictures! I love the green shirts, you are so talented. Aaaw, I wish Abby (and Sarah too) could be here to hang out with June!

Melissa said...

FUN! Looks like you had a great time. I'm so impressed by what a seamstress you are...the shirts are so cute! I need to take lessons from you.

Brooke said...

I also love the shirts you made for the girls! Did you have time to visit any other museums on the Mall? I loves me the food at the Native American Museum -- cheap and tastes like awesome.

Liz said...

We DID have fun!

The shirts really weren't that hard to make, I just use shirts the girls had to get the pattern. And if you looked at them close you'd see how imperfect they are. But I think they look cute.

Brooke we only hit up the Air and Space Museum then we rode the Carousel and check out the Nat. Monument. By that time the girls were spent and ready to go home and swim. We were planning on coming back another day, but we ended up just spending the next day around the temple and at a park. Guess we'll have to go back again to taste the food at the Native Am Museum.

Heidi said...

Liz!! You always amaze me! You're so cute and creative!!

Em said...

Looks like a great trip - with good weather! Way to luck out! We always got blizzarded in during our spring break.