Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I spoke too soon...

Remember how back in November I was so happy about Sarah's potty training success?
See here, Here, and oh yeah HERE!!!

Well, it didn't stick... nope, we visited Utah and Sarah absolutely refused to go on the potty, it was partially my part for putting her in a diaper for the plane ride (she had an upset stomach and I wasn't about to deal with that on an airplane). And, I bought a crummy collapsible potty chair... should have know it was too good to work! 

So, I let is slide while we were visiting. We were after all on vacation. I figured we would just jump back into the groove when we got back... WRONG! I have one stubborn little chica. 

Frustrated and exhausted I just decided it would happen when it happens. Then I got an e-mail that had a link to potty training blurbs on some blogs. It talked about a lot of simple things to do to encourage potty training and I tried them ALL!!! Nothing. 

So I bought a cute little book about it.

The Princess and the Potty... but still no progress. 

So, I kept reading blogs and another mommy recommended Potty Power... silly as it sounds, I was desperate, and Sarah loves her shows. 

This silly little show with its over animated host and get-stuck-in-your-head songs is magic. 

The first day she watched it she pulled out her potty seat 
(which she had been using as a step stool to reach our mantle and hang off the edge) 
and sat on it ALL BY HERSELF!! I was amazed. 

The next couple of days she would just sit on the potty while watching the show. 


She's in BIG GIRL PANTIES! (again)

We have had 3-4 accidents in the past week and a half and three mornings where she woke up dry. I am super excited. She even stayed accident free while we were out running errands (which I was way nervous to do)

I am so proud of my BIG KID!!! 


Em said...

yeah - I've pretty much decided potty training doesn't stick until your kid is old enough to be embarrassed about having an accident....

McReynolds Family said...

Love that picture! I know the potty training woes...still trying. I've decided the same will happen when it happens. I definitely would like to try that potty show, though! Congrats on the success!

Chantele said...

Such a cute picture!:) I think potty training is the worst part of being a parent with young kids. I had a horrible time with Caden, (He was 4 when he finally got it), but Kinley took off about 3 months before her 3rd birthday and hasn't looked back. It's so nice not to change 2 bums anymore!:) I guess I'll be back to changing next week though, with a new little one! I'm glad Sarah is doing good again!

Tiffany said...

Congratulations! This is great news! The video that Cody liked about potty training was "Elmo's Potty Time." We just borrowed it from the library.