Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Look Mom! Barries!"

We've been teased with some sun lately. 

Around 4:37pm (not that I watch for this precious time of day or anything) the sun hits our window and lets a beam of light come right through our living room. 

Of course when this happens any spec of dust floating in the air glows brightly. The other day I told Sarah about how the little specs were Fairies flying around and to say hi to them.

Now Sarah will randomly stare off into what appears to be space talking and giving hugs to the "Barries" and asks me to come and say hello to them when she "sees" them. 

I hope no one commits my child to an insane asylum. 

PS - this picture made me laugh, I want to toss some geeky glasses on her or something, goofy girl. 


Brooke said...

Hey, she's wearing the SWEATER!! I hope it's keeping her warm -- she looks so cute in it!

Liz said...

It is actually her preferred jacket when we go somewhere. Especially on our walks in the neighborhood.