Friday, March 26, 2010

The Stephenson Tongue

All the Stephenson's do it. 
It just pops out when they are concentrating really hard. 

It was cute to see her so focused. 

Don't ask me what I was thinking, because I honestly don't know. 

Purposefully teaching my three year old to use scissors?!!
It just seemed like so much fun to cut out pictures from magazines together (and it was).
I didn't realize how bad of an idea it was until my mother said, 
"Liz, scissors cut things like clothing... and HAIR!" 

Pray that I don't post about Sarah's new self-cut hair. 
Please, please, oh please!

Here is that crazy tongue again!


Gwendolyn said...

I do that too! And so did my mom. It's a funny thing and I get made fun of at work all the time.
Those are super cute pics! And I let my kids use scissors at that age (of course boys don't usually get the urge to cut bangs...), just make sure they are out of reach when she's done. But I'm sure the hair things is bound to happen. I have yet to meet a little girl who hasn't decided to give themselves a haircut! :)

mommy suzanne said...

Don't worry, you probably won't have Sarah cutting her own hair...she will have more fun cutting Abby's hair! I think it is amazing how well she uses them, what a good mom you are to take time on a rainy day to sit and learn a new skill and have fun together! And the magic-pop-out tongue is adorable.

Ashley said...

Liz, those cutting pics with her tongue sticking out are SO darling. She is SO focused. I love them. You are doing a great job with your pictures lately. They are beautiful! And I loved seeing all the fun pics from your trip. You guys sure know how to have a fun family trip!! (And your girls cute green shirts?? Your amazing.)

Cilla said...

Little Sarah looks a lot like you in that last picture! She is such a doll. And don't worry about the scissors thing... she'll probably just end up cutting her barbie's hair like I did (poor toys).