Sunday, March 25, 2012

Warm Spring Weather

I love Pittsburgh Falls... but the springs quite honestly are not my favorite. 
They are cold... rainy and well... gloomy.

So how could we resist taking a long walk to the park {on Sunday} to enjoy this rarity in Pittsburgh weather. 

Sarah has been fascinating watching everything bloom. 
We don't have many spring bulbs... but she was excited to see our crocus that had popped open.

It is about a mile and a half walk to get to it and once we were there all the girls could do was run around. Sarah has really discovered her speed in running and loves to show off how fast she can run.

We've been talking up soccer, I really think Sarah is going to love it. 
She already can dribble the ball pretty well. 

Abby getting a little lesson from Daddy.

Sarah stealing the ball from Daddy.

We did play on the playground for a little bit before it was time to go.

By the time our short little visit to the part was over, both girls were pretty tuckered out from running so much. I wish this picture showed how rosy Sarah's checks were... you can only see it a little bit.

And now that we've had a couple of warm weeks... we are headed back to the chilly 40s.