Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day trip to Kirtland, Ohio

Ryan and I were itching to get out of town this weekend so we planned a little day trip to Kirtland.
It was so nice. We weren't pressed for time, we just got up, threw some lunch and snacks in the car and headed out when we were ready. I loved it!

Because we were in no rush (and Ryan and I have both been there before) we got up to Kirtland around 1pm.... oh wait. Back track for a second. 

We stopped at a rest area for a potty break and lunch. I opened the door to get the girls out and looked down to see Abby had no shoes on.
We did have one black sunday shoe of Abby's and one black sunday shoe of Sarah's... but Abby couldn't keep her foot in it. But apparently that is what she thought I meant when I said "get your shoes on Abby". The did match... just not in size. 
Nice effort Abby. 

So after a short stop at Target... and a new pair of shoes later,
we continued on our trip to Kirtland.

Didn't even take a picture of the temple. 
One of the grandmas will get a postcard of it in the mail... the others with get completely random ones... G'ma Newey I think Sarah specifically picked out the Joseph Smith one for you... don't ask. 
(Oh... but that won't be anytime soon, they've yet to make it out to the mailbox)

But we did get a cute picture of the family. 
Our first family {of five} picture.

There is a little museum for the temple run by the Community of Christ and had a couple of interactive things for the girls. 
Abby of course loved the dress up clothes.
And thereafter pointed out any picture of a pioneer girl and called her "Abby Princess"

Sarah looked around and fiddled with all of the more informational stuff.
She really liked the station that played various hymns.

We then headed over to the LDS visitors center and watched a little film and did a condensed tour of the homes. (The girls were done). 

I think the highlight of the day (for the girls) was going to Chick-fil-a and letting them play for a good hour on the equipment. Ryan and I were able to sit and visit and it was just nice.

So... if any of you want to visit us, we'll happily take you to Kirtland for a day so you can experience this all for yourself. (Except you Brooke... I'm sure you've had your fill. *wink*).


Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

That looks like fun. How far is it from your house? I wish we could come visit. That would be so much fun!