Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My lil' Dirndl

So after I took pictures of Zak in his blessing outfit (see HERE).
I took a few pictures of the girls. 

Oh, here is one to remind you.
(for those like me who are too lazy to click the link)
Tangent: I had a few comments on how great these turned out. Thank you. It was just beautiful lighting. All the pictures were straight out of the camera, no photoshopping... so I really didn't do much at all other than click the button.
Must all be do to my super cute model. ;)

Okay... back to the original post.

My lil' Miss Sarah is big enough to fit into my Dirndl.
(or is it yours Brooke?)

Doesn't she just look adorable.

When I was younger my dad was stationed in Germany and while we were there my mom bought the girls some dirndls and my brothers some lederhosens. Oh so fun!

Well, she was adored at church. Several people commented on how darling she was in it.
I was of course glowing. It was so fun to she her in it. And I agree... she was adorable.

Abby wanted to get in on the picture action.

By the way. This is one of Abby's FAVORITE dresses. 
I think she must think it is like Belle's dress (her current favorite princess). 
If it is dirty I have to hide it at the bottom of the laundry basket or she will pull it out and wear it again.
She LOVES it.
There have been many a tantrums about this dress.

Although that above picture was pretty cute... 
here are the faces we went through before we captured that one.

Can you guess who she is looking at in all of these pictures?
Yup, big Sis. 
Although Sarah was being so helpful trying to get Abby to smile and laugh...
she didn't realize that Abby would just copy her actions.
Silly Sisters. 
I sure do love you!


hotbutteredpopcorn said...

SOOOOO, so cute! Sarah makes me think of you! Just so you know how "ocd" the Germans are--there is a buttonhole on the apron that goes on the last button on the dirndle so that it will not droop so much! Love the pic of Abby making dimples with her fingers!