Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Packages and Snapshots

A couple of weeks ago (I'm behind) we got a sweet package in the mail from Great G'ma Sandy.

The girls were thrilled and instantly showed off there stuff to Baby Brother.

 Sarah: "Hiiii Zak. You wanna see the sucker G'ma Sandy sent us?"

It was a sweet package with some awesome burp clothes that have already been well used. 
Thank you so much G'ma Sandy!
We love you.

And of course I can't leave a post with only two pictures.... so here are some more.
As I mentioned earlier, Zak has been learning to smile.
Of course, he is really good at it now... but here are a few pictures of me attempting to capture it.


There it is!
Oh how I love this lil' boy and his cute smile.

I'm always feeling like Zak is HUGE!
I mean, he is a big baby... but I need to look at pictures of him more, because look how little he looks sitting up against the couch.

Thought this was a cute little face he is making... I think he was cooing at me.

The big sisters are still very in love with their baby brother. 
Here are Sarah and Zak talking during after a diaper change.

Abby loves to rub his little cheeks.
Of course Zak is back and forth about how he feels about this sign of affection, 
but here is a moment where he enjoyed it and was smiling at her.

He is going to out grow you Abby... watch out!

Oh, this sibling business is so fun. 
Love it!