Monday, March 26, 2012

Trip Prep

So Ryan and I decided to go to DC this past weekend (as many of you already know).

I was feeling overwhelmed at getting the car packed and ready all by myself (with some other added chores that needed to be done). 

So... what did I do?
Take a break and snap some pictures of Mr. Adorable.

Love how his eyes turn to little half moons when he really smiles.

This little face made me laugh.

Working on his Elvis impersonation.

I also thought I'd take a few of Abby.
She kind of woke up feeling funny.
She was s little lethargic and just wanted to drink.
In fact she had gotten up a couple of times in the middle of the night crying for water.
Must have gotten dehydrated or something.

Well... she was making the sweetest little faces... even when feeling so yucky.

Love this little smile.

Oh, this little face... you can tell she feels gross, but still looks so sweet.

Well, Abby will sometimes drink chocolate milk at breakfast time, so being the foolish mother I am, I got her some. She immediately chugged the whole thing. Uh-oh. 
I'd seen my fair share of milk chugging contests in high school to know this could be bad news.

Yup... it was.
About five to ten minutes later that chocolate milk was in a trail from the dining room to the kitchen.
Abby was sitting on my lap and as it started to come up I ran with her to the kitchen sink.
Huge mess.... everywhere.
So our floor got a little mopping before we left on our trip.
After this, Abby felt great. 

And we safely made it to our hotel... just in time for bed.


Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

Will you please come take a gazillion pics of my girls? I get so busy when they are awake that I rarely take pics, and if I do, it is of them eating. Those pics of abby are soooo cute!

Joan said...

That is an adorable picture! I'm so sorry she wasn't feeling great but glad it all changed before the road trip!