Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Abby's BFF

Abby is finally really getting to the age where she actually plays with other kids. Not the side by side stuff, but wants to play pretend, toys, run around with other kids. 

So who does Abby choose as her first best friend?
Why, none other than Emery's little sister... Naomi.
These two little girls are just darling together. I love watching them play.
(Which needs to happen more often Joan!)
The are so sweet to each other, and even do some of the same things I've seen Sarah and Emery do.
Remember THIS post?

Yup, these two spent a good ten minutes or more taking turns brushing each others hair. 

It was adorable.

 Here are some cute pictures of them swinging at the park together.

Laughing and giggling at each other.

Oh having a best friend is oh so much fun!

What better way to enjoy the sunshine?

We recently took a day trip to Kirtland, Ohio and the Taylors had planned a visit the same day so we met up for a couple of minutes to say hi (more on that trip later). As soon as Abby and Naomi spotted each other they ran across a field into each others arms and just sat and hugged each other for five minutes. I was feeding Zak in the car and missed it, but I heard it was adorable. 
Maybe I'll steal a picture of it from Joan's camera sometime.

Love these little girls and their sweet little friendship.


Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

So cute that they would brush each other's hair! Um Liz, why didn't we ever brush each other's hair when we became BFFs? Oh wait, I do remember you straightening my hair once at Ricks so I guess that counts. :)