Monday, March 26, 2012

Cherry Blossom Festival

We decided that with the festival it would be far too crowded to find parking in DC so we took the metro into the National Mall.
The girls loved the excitement of riding the train.

 And... onto pictures galore of this beautiful season.

There are roughly 2,000 cherry blossom trees in DC... most of them surrounding the reflecting pool.
It makes for one spectacular show in the spring!

It was extremely sunny and hot.
We all were pretty much melting in the sun
(and I had a hard time with lighting for pictures... I'm an amateur, what can I say)

Abby was fascinated with the water and boats. I think we'd talked so much about going swimming at the hotel that she thought she could go swimming here too (and by golly it was hot enough to).

I loved how the tiniest spot on new growth on the trees would be filled with blossoms.

My handsome man.

That is the Jefferson Memorial in the background.

National Monument.

They had police officers and park rangers riding around on horses.

They would stop occasionally to let the kids come say hi to their horses.

So, so, SOOOO pretty!

Family cheeser!

Sarah in the Jefferson Monument.
Sarah is holding her Junior Ranger booklet behind her.
They had a special Junior Ranger program for the kids to do about the Cherry Blossoms. 
It was fun to learn some interesting facts and get Sarah to do just about anything.
"Now Sarah... a Junior Ranger would share with her sister."
"Junior Rangers never complain about being tired from walking." 
"Do you want your Junior Ranger badge? Better.....(fill in the blank)"
While Sarah and Daddy were checking out Mr. Jefferson, I was able to coax more adorable grins from the Zakster. How could I resist sharing?!!


Right before Zak grins he scrunches up his little nose.
I finally caught in with my camera!
Just love this little boy!

Sister shot... sort of.

I loved the spots where the trees were just thick.
So breath taking.
My mother calls these magical trees.
Because no matter how hard anyone tries... you can't help but smile when you are around them.
Such a beautiful gift. 

 These trees are very delicate. You'd bump the branches and hundreds of petals would float down to the ground. It was so pretty to watch. I loved it when the wind would kick up a little bit and send a rainstorm of petals around us. Wish I could have caught it on video to share.

The reflecting pool is only about a two mile walk to travel around. But between the crowded walkways and having to stop for the girls potty breaks (every five minutes) it took us SIX hours to make our way around the whole thing. We did however stop to let the girls run around several times.
How they still had energy to run, I have no idea. 

Love these next to pictures of Abby and Sarah.

We even got to see the new Martin Luther King, Jr. statue.
It was huge!!!

It was SUCH a fun trip.
We were definitely lucky to be able to go. The blossoms usually last around 14 days. The peak only around 3-4 days. We got there just in time to see some peak blooms. And were fortunate enough to go on Friday as Saturday it rained all day and made most of the blossoms come off.

Thank you mother nature for sending these beautiful trees into bloom a little early this year.
And thank you sweetie for blowing off your class Friday so we could experience it as a family!


Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

Beautiful!! This makes me want to take a trip to DC next spring. I had no idea there were cherry blossom trees there (not sure what kind of trees they are). What a fun little trip.... but in your family photos, where was Zak?

Joan said...

So pretty! I'm so glad you were able to go. Such a fun family.

Lizzie said...

Jamie - Zak pretty much stayed in his car seat/stroller the whole time. It was too sunny to have him out. I didn't want him to sunburn.

Deb said...

So beautiful! I love all the cute pictures of the kids. What a great time to be there!

Eric Westover said...

Incredible. That's a fun place to be. I was there for the 4th of July once and it was awesome.