Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Months

My lil' man, two months old.

He is really starting to chunk out and I LOVE it! I just giggle at his little thighs every time I change his diapers... ask Ryan, I ask him to come squeeze them. Every. Time. (I'm sure he is sick of it).
I'm not really good at tracking measurements... but since we just had his 2 month check up I know he is 14.6lbs (I think at one month he was just shy of 13lbs).

The "filling out"is the only thing I can notice, he hasn't really gotten that much bigger.
Here is a side by side comparison from last month. 
Go HERE to see more pictures of Zak at one month.

He is really into blowing bubbles.
Not that he really knows what he is doing yet, but it sure is adorable.
 It think it is possibly because this little chunk must constantly be thinking about food... so he has lots of bubble making "solution". hehe

I have yet to capture a really good smile of Zak on my camera.
Everytime I duck behind it he stops smiling and looks for me.
 See him reaching his head up, he is trying to look over my camera to find me.

He loves to sing and coo. 
When he is in a talkative mood I can't help but drop everything and just cuddle and talk with him.
Here is kind of what his little coo-face looks like.

I mentioned this in a previous post but he really loves chewing and sucking on his hands and fingers. He'll be sitting in his car seat, covered up and I'll know he is awake when I hear smacking noises coming from under the tent. Why is this so adorable? I'm pretty sure if I walked around smacking my mouth all over my hands I wouldn't get the same response.
He hasn't quite figured out how to grab things, but he is getting closer. He will however grab onto his left hand with his right and pull it into his mouth. Don't think it is quite intentional though. 

Gotta document these little thighs growing... hehe! LOVE IT!

Oh, thank goodness you are such a happy little boy!
 Don't know how mommy would survive otherwise.

Love his little profile.

He has such long, pretty eyelashes.
Just like Daddy.

Although I tried to hide away and take all of these pictures... the sisters still managed to find us.

Happy Two Months Zakster!
(March 9th)


Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

Cute little chunkster. Adalyn likes sucking on her hands too so I know what you mean about the cute little sucking sounds. Alivia is starting to coo too and it is so much fun. I wish we could get these babies together to play! Sarah sweater is so adorable!

Jennifer said...

Such a CUTE baby boy!!

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness! Those thighs were the FIRST thing I noticed. LOVE them! He is still as handsome as ever! I can't believe how blue his eyes are...especially compared to Sarah's brown ones. Cute cute kiddos Liz!

Ashley said...

Love those blue eyes and long lashes too! He is really so handsome Liz. :)