Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Park Time...Again

I'm Sorry.
It is just that time of year.
The weather turns nice... we go out... you get lots of park photos.

Ever since Sarah discovered she could do the monkey bars (see HERE) she always wants to come to this playground. It is her new favorite.
Especially when her BFF Emery is there with her.

Abby has no fear when it comes to playground equipment.
She LOVES climbing the ladders and such.
Unfortunately... it leaves me feeling slightly awkward around those super protective parents who give me quick disapproving glances that I'm not hovering by Abby in case she falls (a whole three feet).
Meh... raise your kids how you want, I want mine to feel like they can do things on their own. 

Here is Abby getting in on the best friend shot.

Oh how I love these two girls! Such good friends!

Love it!

While we were there I thought it would be fun to make a moving picture.
In the process we got a lot of fun pictures of them going up and down the slide...
 over, and over, and over.
 Perfect plan for tuckering them out, no?

Love Sarah's laughing face! 

Here is what we created... 

Love these sunshine filled park days!

On the way to the park we had a crazy thing happen.
We were driving down the hill to get there and there was a man sitting in his car which was perpendicular in the middle of the road. 
Well it turned out to be a 70+ yr old man who's car had died. 
We tried to jumpstart it but it didn't work.
So we pushed it to the side so he could be in a safer spot while he waited for his son to come and help him. Funny image. I wish I was a cartoon artist so I could sketch it. 
Picture me... pushing this little old man in an old Mustang off to the side of the road. 
It was pretty funny... aside from the part where the man has a bad heart, and I was worried we'd lose him any minute during this process. 


Deb said...

Cute! I love the moving picture! I totally read that the 70 year old man had died...not his car. It scared me.

Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

That movie is awesome. And funny about the little old man!

Karah said...

Those girls are so cute! I too am in love with this weather. Makes me want to drop everything and stay outside ALL day!