Monday, February 27, 2012

Video: Zak Smiling

I love babies, don't get me wrong... but they are really boring until they reach this stage.
I LOVE it when my babies can finally make eye contact and smile at me.
Makes me feel so loved.
Enjoy this lil' clip of the Zakster's cute little smiles.
There are some really good ones starting at 1:14.

Just ignore the annoying mommy commentary.
Why do I always sound so ridiculous in our video clips? *sigh*


Ash said...

Sooo cute Liz! That made me smile and x and fred quite enjoyed it too, especially the happy talkIng mOmmy behind the scenes:) I hope your next visit is a loong one so I can come snuggle that lil guy, but I'm sure half of Utah feels the same way:)

Ashley said...

So darling Liz. He is just too cute.

Brooke said...

AWWWWW NUM NUM NUM! I love that little Zackster!

Momma Twitch said...

Haha!! He's so CUTE! Caleb walked by while I was watching it and he says, "Is his name wiggle bug???" haha!

Alisha said...

He is adorable! And I feel the same way about my own mommy fact, Dustin was making fun of me on Sunday for it. sigh.