Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good Weather --> Off to DC

Well, apparently being a little stir crazy results in a last minute trip to DC at our house. 
I know, some people think I'm crazy for going less than three weeks post baby, but really, our girls do awesome in the car, plus they get to go swimming and have some activities to look forward to. So going on a road trip is much easier than dealing with whiny kiddos at home all weekend.

So... here is our trip.

Pittsburgh can be terrible in the winters. Cold, icy and gloomy. Very, VERY gloomy.
So when Ryan saw that the weather was amazing last weekend we jumped on the chance to make a overnight temple trip.
We've given up on the idea of driving down and back in one day, it is too long and hard.
So to encourage ourselves to make it to the temple we budget in four hotel stays a year so we have little trips to look forward to. It has worked. The girls LOVE it!

We got off late (mommy and Zak had a rough night and couldn't get out of bed), so I didn't think I was going to make it to a session Friday evening. So we just checked into the hotel to let the girls swim.

Here they are all excited and ready to go.

I told Abby to stand by Sarah and Daddy for a picture, and she was so excited about swimming that she laid one on Ryan. 

All set and ready to go.

Except for one tiny problem.
Some other kid had a little accident in the pool.
So, the hotel had it closed for the rest of the night to get it cleaned up.
The girls were bummed, but it ended up being great because I was able to hurry and change and make it to the last session at the temple that night. It was so nice to get away and have a little time to myself.

The next morning Ryan got up and went to a session in the morning and then afterwards we all went swimming. Or rather, the girls wen swimming with Daddy and I stayed at the side of the pool with the Zakster.

My little fishies.

The girls had so much fun with Ryan.
They are water babies, just like their parents.

Since the sun was out and it was so nice, we had a really hard time just leaving for home, so we crazily decided to hit up the Natural History museum before we left. 

Abby has missed out on the carousel the previous trips, so we had to let her have a turn to ride.

I love this picture of Ryan.
Even if it is blurry.

Abby had a ball. She loved it!

Yay for the {over-priced} carousel ride!

We begged the girls for some pictures in front of the national monument.
Here is what we got.

Did a lot better once we asked for some silly pictures.

Abby must think that she is making the silliest face ever.
Just stood there giggling with her eyes tightly shut.
I think it is funny how Sarah looks like the monument is coming out of her head.

I wish I had video of this last one. 
Abby was twirling circles and Sarah kept bringing her finger to her nose to make herself go crosse-eyed. It was really cute watching them perform for the camera.

It was a nice little get away. I was exhausted on Sunday, but it was so worth it. 

Oh, and I scored an awesome deal while we were down there. 
I had to run into Target to get some Desitin for Zak.
Right next to the baby cremes they had an entire aisle of baby items on clearance.
Including a Sit 'n Stand stroller.
On sale for $70 bucks!
I've been wanting to get one forever.
I had a gift card so I ended up getting the stroller for $35!!! 
What. A. Steal!
I haven't seen one that cheap on Craigslist, and this was brand new!
I'd say that was our instant blessing for going to the temple. 
I'll take it!

Thanks Ry for arranging our little temple trip. 
I sure needed it.
Love you!


Deb said...

Cute pictures! I can totally understand the desire to get out, I'm thinking about convincing Pat to take us to St. George for a weekend or something...going crazy! Too bad about the pool, glad you got to swim the next day though!

Momma Twitch said...

That's awesome! I love when blessings like that pop up. :)

Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

You guys are so good to make temple trips. We went right before I delivered and I am afraid it is going to be a good while before we will be able to go again because like you, we have to drive a few hours. What a good idea to make little trips out of it to make it something to look forward to.